Origin of Soba Stick

The soba cultivation in Japan is said to be the middle of the fifth century, but the history as the soba limit is shallow relatively. It’ll be after the Edo Period will be also halfway that it spread for common people, and one which is also generalized in an agricultural district is after a simultaneous period. But, I say that the “soba limit” at the agricultural district was a treat for stand. The beginning when I transfer from “the near rice” and “buckwheat noodle dumpling” to “the soba limit” isn’t fixed. An article of the soba limit isn’t found in a document of “of a note in secondhand before in 200 and various foods, in whether it’s shou, it can be recorded, the soba limit isn’t seen. Here, i, and, when it’s seen, kotoya where the modernized world happens” and Muromachi era in an article of the soba limit of (1734) kan “the Imperial Court of our country, danki of worldly affairs” Kenichi and the eating and drinking gate in 1734. About 10 kinds of noodles are recorded by a (1597) revise in 1597 of the daily words dictionary which can also be called a popular dictionary in Muromachi middle term “ekihayashi daily words dictionary” on noodles, cord noodles and zanmugi, but there are no items about “the soba limit”. There is a record with which the one made the first meeting of the soba limit up to now treated the soba limit in repairing construction in a Buddhist sanctum in 1574 (1574) from the documentary inside in Sadakatsu temple of the Rinzai Zen Sect Myoshin-ji party in Suhara, Okuwa-mura, Kiso-gun, Nagano.


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